Q4 Commercial Observation Profile

The Q4 Commercial Observation profile provides insights into the basic behavioral characteristics of the client, you will be guided on basis of observation to discover the style of the client.

  • How do you communicate best with this client?
  • How does and thinks this client?
  • What is the best way to connect to this client?
  • What is important for this client in the sales process?

Increase sales success

Commercial success begins with self-awareness and understanding of the client. The Observation Profile gives tools to successfully sell. Understanding the points of attention of a client will take you one step closer to a successful sale.

Recognize the style of the other

You have an insight into your own style but it is an art to get to know the style of your client. How can you determine the DISC style of your client? By using the online observation questionnaire it is very easy to place your client in the DISC model.

Determining success

In order to sell successfully it is important that you connect with the style of your client. What is your client's number one priority in the sales process?  How do you strike a chord with your client? You can find this out in the Commercial Observation profile, linked to your personal attention points. The only limitation to the profile is the accuracy of the observer. This limitation can be easily overcome by repeated observations or additional information from others.

Download the Sample Report

Create a Q4 Personal Commercial Style profile and receive 10 Commercial Observation Profiles, ready to use in practice!

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