Q4 Personal Commercial Style Profile

The Personal Commercial Profile is a work profile. This profile will show specific information about your style in sales in a commercial setting. It will help you to achieve more commercial success. We are not only referring to selling products but also "selling" knowledge and advice.

  • Why do you sometimes "click" with one client, but not with another client?
  • How do you recognize the clients style?
  • How does the client think?
  • Which words has effect on which clients?
  • In which way do you present information for which client?

Increase sales success

Being commercially successful starts with self-insight and insight into the client; to know your strengths and weaknesses. The DISC model is a means to understand the other person, giving you the opportunity to have empathy and achieve commercial effectiveness.

Recognize client style

By now you have an insight into your own style. It is an art to get to know the style of your client. How can you place someone in the DISC model? Follow the next steps to recognize the DISC style and place the client in the DISC model.

Determining success

In order to sell successfully it is important for you to adjust to your client's style. What is your client's number one priority in the sales process?  How do you strike a chord with your client? This you find in our Commercial Style profile, linked to your personal focus points.


Download the Sample Report.

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